Friday, September 9, 2011

Flats and Hills.

Today was a much better day. We saw one gorgeous flat and one hideous flat. But even the hideous flat had a gorgeous view, so that improved our moods a lot. Also, the gorgeous flat was in a delightful neighborhood with a really nice landlord. Things are grand, as always, but we are really looking forward to getting settled.

I can't wait to get my own Wifi, so I can get back to blogging regularly, as well as teaching piano lessons to you patient folks. Thanks for waiting ... I promise lots of pictures and not to teach you too many deedly-dee tunes.

Tonight, David has a very important mandatory Post-Grad Pub Crawl to attend. In the MBA, it's all about networking, you know.

Here's David lying in the backyard of the awful flat. They have this massive park -- which actually belongs to the Queen, our benevolent ruler, who allows us to frolic through her private park -- right in the middle of the city. These huge hills and perfectly manicured greenery are right next to the bustling city streets. Life doesn't suck here in Edinburgh:

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