Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A brief rant followed by a piece of good news.

Just a quickie blog today. It's been one frustration after another it seems, and it's finally starting to get to me.

Aside from David's bag still being MIA, the latest frustration is a circular problem I was warned about before arriving, but didn't think it would really be as bad as people said. We couldn't request broadband until we'd signed the lease, couldn't get a bank account without an address, and now I'm told that we STILL can't get broadband without a bank account, and can't get a bank account without David's student ID, which for some reason the University has decided not to give him yet, even though they've graciously taken our money.

And even if I had bank account info today, it would be TWO WEEKS before they can set it up, despite the fact that the previous tenants had the exact same kind of internet I'm requesting. Grrrrr ... don't these people know that I need to work? I had to buy overly-expensive and stupidly-slow wifi from Starbucks just to be able to sign in and request broadband.

Okay, sorry. Complaint blogs are really dull, I know.

In happier news, I gave up on waiting in the internet store after not getting any answers, and instead, walked around the corner to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. I gave them my money instead because I can't join the Masons.

At least I got something accomplished today.

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