Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stuff, stuff, more stuff. Oh, and free downloads.

HWT says that he once had a garage sale in Lubbock where he made around $1800. I think there must have been a really good exchange rate against the Texas dollar or something because that's just unheard-of. Of course, everyone else seems to have a story of making "a few hundred dollars" at yard sales. Me? I'm either pricing too low, or I just never have good stuff. Last summer I made about $110 for a week's worth of sorting, pricing, hauling, and haggling. Not. Worth. It.

I accused HWT of having had lots of tools and guns or something in order to make almost two grand at a freakin' YARD SALE!! He agreed to the tools part, but said he actually made money on CLOTHES. This makes me think that perhaps surviving on hand-me-downs and Target over the past ten years wasn't a very wise investment after all. Or maybe I'll sell his fancy name-brand stuff while he's at work this week...

But truthfully, Goodwill will be getting a lot of nice stuff soon because I just don't have the energy to put together a moving sale (or is there some other organization that gives out tax receipts to whom I should be donating??). Also, we're about to sell the truck, so if we don't get rid of this stuff soon, we'll have to start looking around for a New Friend With-a-Truck. So much to do!

Also, I shared this on my Facebook Music Page earlier today: I'm making downloads available (for free if you want, or pay me something if you want ... blogging isn't paying very well these days!) of the individual tracks off my European EP that was part of my last UK Tour.


Just because I love you all so much! Even if you don't buy my stuff at my yard sales.

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