Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On going insane.

I'm going to continue my daily blogging, even though I'm still all goey from reading FWT's blog post over on LouisvilleKY.com. I've been a self-employed artist for almost ten years now, but yesterday was one of the first days I've had to sit down and plan my day hour-by-hour. On some level, that's probably part of the reason only a few thousand of you own my albums, and not a few million. Still, I'm happy in my ability to write a song and have people come out to hear me perform it -- in several different countries.

The past few weeks, however, I've had no time for art. Other than playing scales to calm my nerves (scales are my yoga), I haven't played the piano in weeks. There have just been so many little things to do, and when I work from home, all I see is that giant To Do List.

It's a bit more involved than just The Wedding. That announcement will be made at another time, but we've got some things going on that are really shaking up our current place in time/mind/house.

Still, this time I've carved out for at least a daily blog -- and I try my best for at least an hour of other writing -- has kept me mostly sane. I don't know what people do to keep themselves from going mad when they aren't writers. Is that what therapists and prescriptions are for?

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