Saturday, July 23, 2011

I love Surprises! Sometimes...

Normally, I don't like surprises. I like surprises when I don't know they are coming, but if you tell me, "I have a surprise for you next week," you have sufficiently driven me mad. But I got a great surprise recently.

FWT had me clear Friday, July 21, for "special birthday celebrations and surprises" with just us. I figured he was just making sure I got some good birthday time in because my actual birthday week is being overshadowed by the wedding this year. (Yes, I am forever entwining birthday/anniversary in a way that will ensure FWT must take me to Paris every year to celebrate.)

So Thursday night, I finally decided to take an hour for myself before FWT took me out to dinner. I was just enjoying the sunlight on my deck, with a glass of wine, and a little Hemingway (I know, sounds pretentious, but it's what I was in the mood for), when there on the deck appears LYZZ.

Lyzz is my Maid of Honor who is from Austin, Texas (yes, I know, I have a bizarre attraction to Texans), had been plotting with FWT to fly in and surprise me with a visit -- just a week before the wedding. She was here for barely 24 hours, but it was perfect.

We did that little girl squeal and hugged for a long time. Perfect surprise. She and I did girly things on Friday and relaxed. FWT was going to join us for lunch, but he ended up feeling sick and stayed home. Still, I took most of the day off from wedding planning, and had just a great time with Lyzz ... getting a massage, going swimming, and learning a lot about breast milk, which I now have in my freezer because Lyzzie is a new mother. (Do you think I could make vegan White Russians with it?)

It was perfect that she came in. I imagine when she comes back on Thursday for wedding festivities, my mind will be so clouded with with wedding, family, or Xanax that we won't actually get to spend any good time together.

Now ... more surprises, please!

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