Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fingerless Gloves vs. Speedos.

The annual Brigid Kaelin Band Summer Show at Lakeside went fabulously well, if I do say so myself. It was hot as can be, which is so much better than outdoor winter events. When given the option, I generally prefer Speedos to fingerless gloves.

The boys in the band didn't man up this time though, and I was the only one smart enough to wear a swimsuit. Intermission featured a Diving Boards Spectacular between me and FWT. Imagine synchronized back flips between two young lovers ... are you sick in your mouth yet? The only thing better would have been if Steve Cooley and Peter Searcy had flowered swim caps and a little synchronized swimming routine set to some yodeling. Now try to get that image out of your head. You're welcome!

It was a good time. I'm thinking about having Adult Diving Team practice tonight. My back flip was successful, but not pretty.

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