Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dusting and Smiling.

When my mind fills with stress and my stomach churns with anxiety, there are only a few things that help me maintain a small level of sanity. Prescription pills aside, I am left with either 1) playing scales on a piano and 2) domestic projects. Seeing as time is my enemy, and scales are not on's To Do List, our house is now rather clean.

Clearly, I'd prefer to play my piano than to dust it. This week, however, the dust-free, clutter-free, beautiful living room where my piano currently resides feels pretty good.

I am not good at playing housekeeper. It takes me ten times as long as it took the guy we hired several weeks ago, and I whined a lot more. But somehow this time as I swept the floor, shelved our library books, and dusted framed photos, it made me strangely happy.

FWT and I made a choice to actively enjoy every minute of this chaos. Even today, as we raced between designing wedding programs and picking up our rings, we paused to smile and think about why we are running a thousand errands. It's nice to reflect, and it's nice to have someone who reminds you to stop and hold his hand.

Ok... blog ending before I get all gooey and sentimental. I'll save stuff that for later.

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