Friday, June 3, 2011

UK Tour: Day 17, A Wild Night in Amsterdam.

It seems that I'm not the only person to have had a long layover in Amsterdam. There are clearly worse places to have a long layover. In pondering that deeply, it may actually be the absolute best place to be stuck for a night -- and not for the reasons that you may be thinking. It's a small city, and it's extremely accessible by public transportation directly from the airport for very little cost.

So tonight, I'm grabbing a train, and renting a bicycle, and pedaling all around town. I'm going to walk the canals, browse the tulip gardens, go to the hemp museum, and window shop in the Red Light District.

Well ... no. I just lied to you. I have hit a wall. This tour has been tiring, and I barely slept last night driving home late from our last show. And when I was browsing for a place to crash tonight on the discount internet sites, I got a killer deal at the Crowne Plaza.

The only problem is that it's the Airport Crowne Plaze, about five minutes from the airport. That wouldn't typically be an issue, considering I could still hop a train to City Centre fairly easily. But when I saw my King Size bed and a hotel room three times the size of my bedroom at home ... and a piece of chocolate and sparkling water waiting for me ... and a stocked minibar ... and room service ... and the realization that i have to be back at the airport in less than 7 hours. Well, I guess I'm not the adventurous one I'd planned on being.

Besides, I've been to Amsterdam before, and I'll be back here in the fall for real. And really, I was only ever after a wander through town and a chocolate waffle. I'm sure they've got those in room service.

Someday I'll give you a wild Amsterdam story, but for tonight, well, zzzzzzzzzzzz...

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