Sunday, May 22, 2011

UK Tour: Day 3 or 4, I don't know. Rothesay.

It's amazing how the days fly by while you're on the road. We've had quite a bit of driving in the past couple of days, the first day because we were sightseeing, and the second because we played near Manchester one night and the Isle of Bute, Scotland, on the next. The locals flip out when you tell them you're driving 200 miles and a ferry to your next gig. To us, it's less than Louisville to Chicago, and that's doable in a morning.

Funny thing is, is that driving is somehow more tiring over here. I think it's because it's the ├╝ber-concentration on keeping to the left. You have to be vigilant, and it reminds me of that first month with a driver's license. You're afraid that every incoming vehicle is going to swipe you, and you have to concentrate hard on centering yourself in the lane. And if you think you're centered, you are likely about three feet too close to the curb/parked cars/ancient stone wall. This is because you steering on the RIGHT side of the car -- known as the passenger seat where we come from. If you're comfortable, you're probably about to run into something. Such vigilance makes one sleepy.

Last night's gig in Rothesay was fantastic -- a packed cafe of music fans listening intenly and having a lovely time. DC and I are thinking about moving to the Isle of Bute. Everyone is so incredibly friendly, and there's a fantastic music shoppe. Also, they've got a castle with a moat, lovely beaches, and even a pack of seals.

Okay, time to wake up DC before we miss all the sites.

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  1. Your gig last night in Rothesay was so enjoyable. You and Dan managed to put on a real show and still seem like friends at a wee party in Musicker. I have been listening to your CD today and love the Future Mr Used to be.
    Thanks for the Townes and John Prine covers. Still waiting for Eight More Miles to Louisville though. Isn't it amazing that music crosses continents and unites people even if the accents don't exactly match. Enjoy your visit and don't forget to come back.