Saturday, May 28, 2011

UK Tour: Day 10 Inveraray & Fort William

For various reasons, DC has been doing all the driving, even though this isn't his tour and he's just here on vacation. I actually love driving on the left, even on the wee Scottish roads, but I'm not so comfortable driving a shifter car. I could get you to the hospital if necessary, but I freak out and panic when required to get the car into gear while on a hill. This is pretty much a daily requirement when driving through Scotland, and since finding an automatic rental car is both difficult and expensive, DC is left to the driving.

It's okay with him, however, because he gets carsick as a passenger. So do I, but it's been less problematic since the passenger sits on the front left side of the vehicle over here. When I'm feeling nauseated, I just stare at the road and pretend like I'm actually driving the car. This doesn't always work though.

I realize that the motion sickness happens when you're not expecting the motion. Sudden stops make my stomach turn, but I've managed to hold it all in so far.

Today we decided to ditch the car and bring our instruments and a change of clothes over on the ferry to Mull. I think DC is looking forward to a day off from driving, and I'm looking forward to a good excuse to get some walking in.

I've been working on a video, but time is precious here. Trying to balance sightseeing with work and sleep is the biggest challenge.

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