Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UK Tour: Day 1 - travel adventures!

I've played a lot of shows in Louisville recently, in preparation for a tour of the United Kingdom. Today, it begins. The life of an indie-artist isn't glamorous, but I'm using the power of the Universe to make it a bit more comfortable than usual. This morning I write you from the Delta SkyClub at the airport, which has a lovely display of free bagels, oatmeal, coffee, chocolate-covered pretzels, and vodka. I am currently consuming four of those, and I'll let you decide which ones.

Today I'll be hitting four different airports, but I have only two flights. Do that math, folks. Why? One of those Seinfeldian moments when I fly into LaGuardia, but make a connection at JFK. That means getting from the far end of Queens to the far end Brooklyn (with no time for a detour to Bagel Bob's on University Place) and TWO trips through airport security. But back to the power of the Universe: it's going to be a smooth, fun, ride, and my bag will be awaiting me in Manchester, England.

Quick travel tips:

*Those fancy AmEx cards are totally worth the service and free stuff in the airport business lounges.

*I am clearly a spoiled brat. Or maybe it's just another Seinfeld moment ... once you've traveled well, you really can't revert. Hence the reason I'm done with dirty tour vans and abusive lead singers.

*My accordion is not as heavy as I remembered it. Either I've been working out in my sleep, or it's merely the beginning of a tour. Ask me how heavy Big Red is in two weeks.

*It really does make you feel better to check your purse/pocket for your passport every three minutes.

Now if you could all please now join me in sending out Business Class Vibes to the Universe, that would be great. Thanks.

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