Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 6: Isle of Skye adventures.

We've got a day off today. It's a good and a bad thing on the road. These nightly gigs can be stressful, as you want to show up to soundcheck on time, but not all the venue-owners are as punctual. It's nice not to have to worry about what to expect.

Today, DC drove us on a bunch of single-lane roads through frightening but dramatically beautiful scenery. I've been told that Skye is gorgeous, but it's impossible to explain something this mystical/magical/bizarre. It's like Jurassic park in some places, and it's Braveheart in others. Then you'll find palm trees resting by an ancient stone wall, overlooking a massive cliff drop-off. The way the clouds move through the hills, casting crazy shadows on the rocks and changing weather within minutes, is simply breathtaking.

I mean breathtaking in the literal sense, as I am constantly having to remind myself that the difference between fear and exhilaration is a breath. Don't I sound like a refrigerator magnet? Either way, these roads are exciting. They aren't nearly as bad as what I remember of Ireland. Still, our rental car is bigger than I'm used to, and DC is still a bit nervous driving on the left, adding to the general stress of the car. But then I remember that we are driving through the ISLE OF SKYE, and how crazy/cool/exciting is that? Deep breaths make these oncoming coaches on a cliffside road a bit less terrifying.

We still haven't been to a castle. I've got a hankering for sure, and Eilean Donan had better be open tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll be a sad puppy.

Tomorrow night we play in Plockton, a tiny village just past the Bridge to Skye. I'm hoping for a fun evening in a quiet town. Meeting the people is my favorite part of being on the road, and I'm expecting good things from Plockton.

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