Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bob Schneider show and Office J-O-Bs.

I've posed this question before, but I ask again: how do you folks with office jobs ever get anything done? I can't even seem to get to the dry cleaners or my PO Box lately, much less clean the house. Granted, a lot of my time is taken up with things that office-job folks don't have to think about, like sorting receipts and reading "Quickbooks for Dummies."

There's all kinds of exciting stuff going on though, and, as usual, never a dull moment. I'm kind of looking forward to my 8-hour plane ride next week, so I'll be forced to sit still.

Playing with Bob Schneider on Tuesday at Phoenix Hill was great fun. He's one of those musicians who understands that people are paying for a show, not just a concert. It seems like most people who write about him comment on his good looks, but I think his humor and banter is the best part of his show. And of course, his fantastic band. Conrad and Ollie kept me entertained with their stage moves, but let's not also forget just how good their musicianship is.

It makes me wish I could afford to keep a band on the road. There's something fun about playing with the same folks night after night. Things happen on stage and by the end of the tour, you're such a tight-nit group, you might start thinking, "Hey, we should take this show on the road."

I'm hoping that happens next week when I kick off my three-week tour of the United Kingdom. Yay! See the next blog for kick-off party details.

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