Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Someone Else's Wisdom.

In December, I did a quick northeast tour, mostly because some kind folks in Philadelphia invited me to a wonderful House Concert series. (Friends, take note, I will travel far and wide to play a house concert.) While in Philly, I was able to catch up with someone I hadn't seen since our college graduation, more than ten years ago.

I've been meaning to write about it since that weekend because it was one of those things that was just really important to me. It sounds silly and sentimental, but that's not my intention. She and I honestly weren't even that close in college; we really just had one good mutual friend. I always liked her though, and I wondered why we never hung out on our own. I remember her being hilarious, smart, and never without a book in her hand -- and always a good book at that.

Somehow within the past couple of years, social media reconnected us, and I became what I refer to as a "creepy superfan" of all that she's been doing -- namely writing. She cooks too, and many recipes from her cookbook and her blog are now staples for me and FWT. At some point I figured out that she was reading my blog as well, which led to us meeting up for a quick meal during my afternoon in Philadelphia.

Hmmmmmm ... I hadn't intended to write all that in today's blog. Really, I'm not feeling particularly creative today, so I thought I'd just write: Hey, I have writer's block, but my friend Joy wrote this really great blog yesterday. You should read that instead.

Then I went and got all sentimental and started explaining myself. Sorry. Just go read Joy's blog, okay? I just thought it spoke really well to anyone who is out there struggling to do what they want to do because, well, any other career would be impossible. Here is the link: http://oysterevangelist.com/?p=713 Sorry for the creepy superfan thing, Joy. (And thanks for not judging us for our "Quest for the Best Veggie-Philly Cheesesteak.") But really, thanks for the blog. And I hope your house sells quickly, so you will stop being plagued by traffic.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Brigid! It is sad we can't time travel back and hang out more at Brittany hall. Maybe if we would have put our heads together, WE would have invented facebook. I'm glad you liked the post!