Monday, March 28, 2011

Time it get back to Art. Or "Angst!"

People keep getting on my case about needing to "stop stressing about the wedding." I know they are right, but truthfully, it's not the wedding that's stressing me out. It's maintaining my other life that is frustrating.

Being self-employed is hard enough, though I would never trade it for a 9-5. Still, I'm finding it impossible to get art created while I'm caught up in details -- and not just wedding details, but taxes, Quickbooks, returning phone calls and emails, designing posters, mailing posters, blah blah blah. Just the business end of music is a full-time job, and I seem to be falling further and further from the music business forefront.

Maybe it's time I went to grad school and wrote a book or something. That seems to be a popular choice these days.

I could be just in a funk though. Last week I laid down two scratch tracks at Peter's studio, so I guess that's a start.

Anyway ... back to business ... today's task: finish designing the posters for my May United Kingdom Tour, print them out, address envelopes. I'll mail them tomorrow. Isn't the life of a rock star glamorous?

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