Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Homemade SXSW: mopeds and tacos.

This is the first time in years that I'm not down at SXSW. Really, I just don't have the money to tool around Austin for a week, much less spend the hundreds of dollars in gas to drive down there. In happier news, however, I'm finally getting the hot water fixed in the upstairs bathroom, so that's responsible. Isn't responsibility exciting?

I apologize that you won't get a week of adventurous stories from my time at SXSW. No late-night jam sessions with insert-musician-I-acosted-with-the-saw, no Live Tweets from ridiculously intimate concerts, and most of all ... no Guero's. Or Magnolia. Or Kirby Lane. Or Chuy's.

Oh wait. Louisville has a Chuy's now! In memoriam of our past few years at SXSW, FWT and I went to The World's Largest Chuy's (take THAT, Texas!) last night.

In fact, we've decided that we will just have to re-create our own SXSW here in Louisville this week. Finding hipsters shouldn't be a problem because I doubt they could ALL ride their mopeds to Austin. (By the way, I own a broken moped, so I get to make that joke.) Finding the perfect taco could be more problematic.

Anyway, the goal for the week is now the same as my yearly SXSW goal: Tex-Mex for every meal. Who's with me?

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