Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Control issues, Show Thursday, and Starting on Time.

I'm playing on Thursday night at the Monkey Wrench as part of the Motherlodge Festivities. If you ask me what Thursday's show will be like, I will tell you that I don't know. I will also tell you that my control issues are flipping out because I don't know. Actually, I'm not sure if it's about control because I don't really care what the vibe or order of the show is. I only want to be forewarned. Is that the same thing? Control versus knowledge?

Really, if we're talking about control issues, let's talk about my favorite "cause" in the Louisville music scene: starting shows on time. Anyone who knows me, knows that what I can't stand more than anything (aside from people who turn LEFT onto Eastern Parkway from Bardstown Road -- and SERIOUSLY people, how can you grow up in Louisville and STILL DO THAT???!?!?!), is when music shows start late.

The "Rumours" show a few weeks ago was a prime example. We were all ready at 7:30. The room was packed to standing-room only, and for some reason, the person in charge decided to "hold the show." Why? I have no idea. It wasn't my event, however, so I fumed quietly with another cast member and chanted some sort of mantra about needing to relax and stop being so uptight. But I was quite frustrated because, well, I complain about late-starts all the time, and my mailing list knows this. When they come to a show I'm involved in, they expect it to start on time. When a show starts late, and there's nothing I can do about it .. well ... um, there we go, I suppose. Control issues.

This show on Thursday night at the Monkey Wrench is advertised to start at 11:00pm. It declares that I am hosting the evening (actually, the press release calls me the "Queen of the Highlands," which I sort of love ... browsing tiaras as I type), which makes me think I may actually be able to start the event at 11:00.

Of course, I'm not really sure what "hosting" refers to in this case, and I haven't met the other acts on the bill. I sent them an email explaining my obsession with starting on-time and my willingness to go first even if that meant singing to an empty room just on principle, so now they probably think I'm some psycho-uptight freak, and not some cool, laid-back musician.

I swear I'm laid-back about most things, but just not about my JOB. And really, isn't that what it comes down to? When people pay a cover, they are essentially paying for your professional services. If you wanted to be treated and respected like a professional, you should, um, not be late to work, right? And be nice and respectful to your clients?

The other folks on the bill, Xylos and Miss Tess, are coming down from New York, where they are professional, touring musicians. They are also quite good, and I'm hoping they think I'm crazy -- not because I want to start the show on time, but because I even hinted that we might NOT start on time.

Anyway, I promise there will be SOME form of entertainment at 11:00 on Thursday, even if it's just me Riverdancing to an empty room. Also, the whole time I've been writing this blog, I've been listening online to Miss Tess, whom I now sort of love, and who must also now think I am a total psycho.

See y'all Thursday? If it's 11:00 and I'm not playing, someone please slip a Xanax in my bourbon.

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  1. I support you in your "cause." I have no problem going to theater events or a show at the Kentucky Center on a work night because you're almost guaranteed that a theater event will start on time. Even if it's a late show-- like 10p-- at least I know what I'm in for. But I almost never go to live music at small venues on work nights. Last night I took a risk and decided to hit the 9pm Motherlodge show at the Rud because it sounded like a ton of fun (it was). But by the time 945p rolled around and the show was just getting started, I was in such a bad mood that it took me a a really long time to shake feeling like I'd made a really bad decision. As it was, I had to leave early-- which I wouldn't have had to have done if they'd started on time. Ok, rant over. :) Keep up the good work!