Thursday, January 27, 2011

Show wrap-up and Meanies.

Tuesday's show at Headliner's was just about as fun as shows get. Up until an hour before curtain, it was going to be a stripped-down three-piece band with lighter arrangements so as not to overpower the headlining act. Then when Nellie McKay surprised us all by showing up with a full band, we upped the ante as well. Thus came the big guns -- or rather the big bottom, hee hee -- for reinforcement (SeƱor Searcy on bass), and suddenly it was a full-band show. (Thanks, Peter!)

I know it's my band and my music, but if you aren't a fan of your own music, then why are you creating it, right? Anyway, it was really really nice to play an energetic show to a full room in a great venue with wonderful sound and lighting engineers. Thank you to all of you who braved the cold on a January night. Nellie was fun, the crowd was amazing, and Steve Cooley played all kinds of solos that make you remember why live music is so important. (I should probably take more solos during my own songs, but I just like hearing Steve's choices so much...)

Also, thanks to the huge number of you who have proven that audiences can and will show up BEFORE the show starts if they actually believe that the music will start on time. I played my first notes at 8:01, and I played them to a full room. It was a good night. See bands around the world? Just assure your crowd that your advertised start time isn't a lie, and no one will think you're crying wolf.

Now, if anyone out there stole FWT's laptop, please either kindly return it. Meanies.

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