Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new obsession.

My earliest memory ever -- seriously -- is sitting on the landing at the bottom of my parents' stairs and watching Princess-to-be Diana's dress take up the entire aisle of St. Paul's Cathedral. It was the week of my third birthday, and I was completely enthralled. It wasn't the fantasy wedding that captured my attention, but rather the idea that she got to be a princess for the rest of her life. (Also, the train was pretty cool.)

I read recently that 750 million people world-wide watched that wedding coverage, and that was in 1981. That's about 17% of the entire world's population. Compare that with 75 million who watched the final Seinfeld episode (weak), or better yet, the 700 million who watched THIS year's World Cup Final -- about 10% of the world population. Now think how many more people own TVs than did in 1981. I'm sorry, but the amount of people who viewed Charles & Di's wedding is just mind-boggling. I mean, come on, it's just a wedding. But everyone seems to remember where they were that day.

I also remember figuring out one day while I was in college -- shortly after Princess Diana died, which happened while I was eating a taco from San Loco with Lyzz -- that I would never get to be the Princess of Wales because I don't have a drop of Protestant blood in me. Such a silly thing could never stop true love, I'm sure, but I wouldn't have wanted William to abdicate for me. (I mean, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of trying to become a princess?) But it was a sobering moment, and I felt sorry for the Prince, knowing that -- were we to ever actually meet -- he would know immediately that, legally/royally, it could never be, no matter how completely and utterly in love with me he would have fallen.

I have now decided to become completely obsessed with the Royal Wedding, and I hold no hard feelings for Miss Kate Middleton. In fact, I have decided to think she is great. My resolution to remained royally-obsessed is difficult for me because I don't buy magazines, and I have a short attention span. Also, celebrity gossip isn't really my thing because I don't watch enough television to know who is who. I'm going to try to stick with it, however, to gather details, watch coverage, and hope that Kate's train is half as long as Diana's was.

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