Monday, January 10, 2011

Babysitting Recap, Stranger Danger, and Pixie Sticks.

I survived the weekend of being a Governess. We aren't going to be in a music festival anytime soon, but we did manage to record a little "Happy Birthday" and text the video to the kiddos mom. I bet Julie Andrews wishes she could have texted those kids singing "The Hills are alive..." to the Captain. It would have saved at least an hour of the movie.

Actually, the weekend was pretty fun and easy, but that was mostly due to the kids being good, as well as me not being their actual mother. It's easy when you just say things like, "Sure, you can wear whatever you want," or, "Yeah, okay, go ahead and buy that giant Pixie Stick with your SkeeBall winnings. Sure, you can eat it before dinner. Just save room because we're making a quick ice cream stop before your parents get home." FWT got pretty tough with the 8-year-old, though, with his most threatening phrase being the almighty, "Two more bites!"

The worst part was the madness of Incredible Dave's, which was like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids. It was filled with expensive games, and lots of kids who clearly crapped their pants but were having too much fun to waste time with a bathroom stop.

I can see how it would be fun for a kid, but all I could think about was making sure I never lost sight of the eight-year-old. I blame my over-protectiveness on growing up in the 1980s (Stranger Danger™), as well as the apparent fact that growing up I looked exactly like Ann Gotlib, a freckled redhead who was abducted from a Louisville mall and appeared on every milk carton in the country. People used to stop my mom all the time, pointing out the similarity between her child and the girl who had been missing for ten years, but all that did was make me obsessed with being kidnapped.

So, yeah, I could pass on the arcarde next time. But Taco Night, Movie Night, and Hang-Out-in-Your-Pajamas-All-Day Night, was all pretty great. I'm just glad we went home before the sugar high kicked in.

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