Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tricks, Zip Codes, Weddings, Wyoming.

One night last fall when I was out to dinner with some friends discussing their recent engagement, someone asked that inevitable question, "When's the wedding?" The superstar couple had the date set and the bride-to-be responded, "August 27."

Now I've got a fondness for numbers, so I immediately started thinking aloud, "Eight-twenty-seven-ten. Eight-two-seven-one-oh. 82710. I wonder whose zip code that is?"

Not missing a beat, the savant groom-to-be responded, "Aladdin, Wyoming," to the absolute shock of the bride and most everyone else at the table.

FWT was so impressed, or should I say skeptical, that he immediately grabbed my iPhone and typed "82710" into Google.

Folks, when you're trying to play a public trick on your friends, always remember to clear your Google history. FWT announced, "Hey, you looked this up already!! It IS Aladdin, Wyoming," at which point the groom and I giggled and fessed up. It would have been a fun trick had we gotten away with it.

The wedding is here ... this Friday... but I can't help but wonder if the folks of Aladdin, Wyoming, have anything planned for the weekend. I tried emailing their Chamber of Commerce, but apparently it's just a wee unincorporated town. I'm also feeling sad that that I missed my Highlands' home's Zip Code Day on April 2, 2005. Maybe next April, you folks in Chickasaw Park (40211) can have a party on 4-02-11. I certainly hope that Beverly Hills has plans for this coming September 2 (90210, duh).

Happy wedding to my friends, and Happy Zip Code week to Aladdin, Wyoming!

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