Friday, August 27, 2010

Shows this weekend

Some chances to see me actually play music this weekend:

Sunday night (Aug 29)
Lakeside Swim Club
6:00-8:00 full band show
Lakeside is a private club, so come out Sunday evening if you're a member there. And if you're not, well, ask a friend who is to bring you along. I play the set in a swimsuit. But not a sexy swimsuit ... I was a competitive swimmer at one point, so I'm a Speedo girl all the way. Peter Searcy might be in a sexy swim suit though, so that would be worth convincing your Lakeside-member friends to buy you a guest pass.

Monday August 30
Not to brag or anything (well, sort of), but this show is kind of a big deal. Like a million-listeners and more web viewers kind of a big deal. And the other musical guest is Raul Malo, who was opening for John Prine the last time I saw him.
If you're near Lexington, Kentucky, come down to the live taping at the Kentucky Theatre and here's the link for tickets:
While you're browsing along the WoodSongs website, you might notice that the WoodSongs show that tapes 2 weeks after the show I'm on, features Billy Bragg and Wanda Jackson. See? Told you it was a big deal.

If you are NOT in the Lexington area, you can watch the show live on the internet: Cool, eh?

Okay ... off to celebrate the Zip Code Day of Aladdin, Wyoming! Oh, and happy wedding day, Beth and Kris.

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