Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you people do it??

I feel like I'm a pretty organized person. Former (and current) roommates may be laughing, but I'm not talking about my ability to put away my shoes or my dishes. I'm talking business here. I am obsessive over my receipts, I reconcile my bank and credit card statements monthly, and I am never late to anything business-related.

My personal and specifically household life, however, is a mess.

How in the world do you people with steady jobs that require you to be in the office from 9-5 EVER get anything done?

I mean, I get up at 8ish, make tea or decaf, and start answering emails, booking shows, blogging, cataloging receipts, trying to get a walk or workout in there, and MAYBE at least one day a week, play a little music. You'd be blown away how little music I ever actually get to play. I teach piano lessons, so that takes up some time. But really that's only 15 hours a week when you do the math, so I feel like I have no excuse.

I create my own schedule, but I somehow feel like getting to the library or the dry cleaners or the post office or the bank is a completely impossible task. Not to mention putting away dishes or sweeping a floor or, hell, even unpacking from when I moved back into my house a year ago. How do you people DO this?

I'm discovering that many of you have housekeepers, something I once thought was only for the insanely rich. Now I see that they are, perhaps, for the insanely busy.

All I ever do is clean the kitchen. It's a step up from when all I ever did was wash dishes. My fancy new (okay, "used") dishwasher has allowed me to do more than just slave over a hot sink, so now at least I have some time to wipe the countertop and MAYBE clean the grime off the stove on occasion, but I still don't have time to walk around the house with a duster.

Do you people have those wacky time-travel necklaces like when Hermione wanted to take twice as many classes at Hogwarts? Or do you all have housekeepers? Or do you make your kids do it? I am completely baffled by your ability to keep clean houses and get your dry cleaning, while somehow being tucked away in an office all day.

Anyway, I'm impressed.

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