Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bringin' the show.

I have a general belief that you should ALWAYS bring "the show," whether or not it's a huge festival or a wee benefit concert. Bring the show even when you don't feel like it. Bring the show even when you're not getting paid what you're worth. Bring the show because you are there for the audience, and they deserve the best.

Tonight, however, I'm not bringing the whole show. That doesn't mean I'm going to suck; it just means I probably won't show off. (Yeah, I know I tend to do that sometimes, but so what? Where else can you show off if not in show business?) No piano and accordion at the same time, and probably not any yodeling acrobatics. I think instead I'll play some new songs. Even I sometimes forget that novelty songs are not the only thing I can do.

That's what I like best about evenings like this: trying out new stuff. Open jams and open mics can be gruesome at times, but Louisville open jams tend to be populated with good musicians who just want to play. I'm really looking forward to sitting in with some old friends, meeting new artists, and having an audience for some new songs.

I don't get to play new songs very often these days. Most of my shows have been in other countries or new cities, where I'm trying to sell my current CDs. When you're trying to sell records, you have to play the songs that are ON those records, not the new tune you're obsessing over.

Anyway, I'm hoping I get to see some of you out tonight at the Zeppelin Cafe in Germantown at 7:30. Come say hi, and don't be angry if I don't see you first. I get tunnel-vision when I'm playing, and I often ignore my own family. It'll be nice to just play one set, maybe sit in on accordion with some folks, and host the evening with its array of other singer-songwriters and musicians.

HullabaLOU was awesome, but I didn't exactly get to mingle with the crowd afterward. I love a big festival, but playing a neighborhood bar might be my favorite.

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