Monday, August 30, 2010

Band full of zoo animals.

I had one of those super-fun shows last night that reminds me why I like to perform live so much. First of all, it was at a swimming pool and not just any swimming pool. Lakeside is an old rock quarry that is now a Board of Health-certified chlorinated pool that is huge and fun and still has tall cliffs and rocks on the bottom. My band, as usual for this gig, wears swimsuits (alas! no Speedos this year), and swims before, after, and between sets.

The sound engineer, roadie, drummer, and I also decided that we should have an ice cream cone eating contest. Unfortunately, I was not at my most competitive last night, and I lost, being only able to finish two vanilla cones. Thanks much to the teenage Elizabeth, who brought me a cone to the stage during my first set, at which point I decided that we should probably only play one more song.

Then eight-year-old Dylan decided that I might want a bite of something savory to accompany my sweet, so he brought up an inch-long piece of soft pretzel to the stage. Thanks, Dylan! It only slightly made me feel like we might actually be in a zoo. I can understand wanting to feed the band though, so I played along.

The best part was during my set break when another awesome teenager came up to the stage -- I kid you not -- carrying a massive home-grown watermelon. She'd read my blog and knew not only that I LOVED watermelon, but that I was craving a sweet, homegrowner, with seeds. Best. Fan. Ever. Thanks, Mary Kay!

Oooh! Almost forgot another best time ... a cousin of my mom's (and therefore mine, I suppose) showed up unexpectedly from Minnesota. We hadn't seen him since 1985 or something, but he saw my show posted on Facebook and decided to fly down and surprise us. How awesome is Facebook?

Good times. Today is the WoodSongs broadcast/taping. This morning Dan Canon and I were chauffeured to Lexington by FWT, the best road manager in the world. We taped two songs for broadcast on the 12:30 WKYT (CBS affiliate), so if you happen to be reading my blog from Lexington, tune in to the WKYT, likely around 12:45.

WoodSongs tonight ... really looking forward to playing. Raul Malo, Brigid Kaelin, and, of course, host Michael Johnathon. for detailed info. You can watch the webcast live at 6:59pm Eastern, but check in earlier today to make sure you have the proper plug-in.

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