Thursday, July 8, 2010

What are you listening to?

People ask me all the time what I'm listening to. I used to be able to come up with new albums that were rocking my world or blowing my mind or whatever, but lately, I have no answer.

Here's a weird insight into life on the road: we don't usually listen to music. I know that's not a blanket statement for all rock tours, but most of the people I play with agree that we'd rather listen to talk radio on the road. But somehow, between my fall 2008 UK tour and my Spring 2010 tour, I've been listening pretty much solely to talk radio. The "This American Life" App on my phone has become the most sacred tool of the road, up there with the GPS, and an extra set of guitar strings. When you're playing shows at least every day, it's nice to just not think about music, even though music is what you love. I can't listen to music without analyzing chord progressions, -- probably like an English professor has trouble just enjoying a good novel and not analyzing -- so it's nice to just hear Ira Glass talking to a 5th grader, I guess.

Anyway, that brings me to recent developments. Forecastle is this weekend, and I have no idea who most of the bands are. I mean, the bigger ones I've heard of, but that's still less than half. Kyle Meredith's Facebook statuses confuse me tremendously, and I sometimes think he's making these bands up just to see who will go along with it.

So what I ask of you, my friends who are looking to enter the HullabaLOU ticket contest but don't have any cutesy comments to make, what have I missed? What great new records are out there? And why would I like them?

Enlighten me.

Oooh, also, earX-tacy will once again be in possession of my CDs by this weekend, for those of you locals who are looking to buy them. I had not re-stocked in a while for business reasons, but earX-tacy is on its feet again, it seems. I hear they're moving to the new store next week. Exciting!


  1. Hi, Brigid....okay, you asked.
    I love 'The Woes", a New York based band. They are a mix of blues, cajun, country, Dixie....well, let's just say they are an Indi-band of Yankees inventing a new Dixieland sound.
    They are awesome.
    I love their song, "Pauline", which sounds like a re-take of Stephen Foster's "Camptown Races".
    Check them out here. Their website is under construction.
    (Oh, and I would like to enter your HullabaLou ticket contest...)
    Regards from one concertina player to another....

  2. Hmm, lets see. The Verve Pipe's "A Family Album" is a fun, well done record. As a parent of 2 young boys I am often bombarded with bad kids music, but this one has well written songs and not just fluffy Barney type crap. Also, you can't go wrong with all the "Glee" soundtracks. The ultimate guilty pleasure.
    Adam Butler

  3. I am pretty partial to "Take Me Back" by Tina Showalter. Oh, wait, would this be a a shameless plug for my cousin?

  4. Foxy Shazam is a band playing at Forecastle, and while their style is eclectic at best, their live show is well worth seeing.

    If we're going for new music, the new Black Keys album is golden.

    Ashley Stroud

  5. actually I listened to both your albums last night, Brandi Carlyse and the Indigo Girls new one. Chris Tandy Old Hippy and music lover

  6. I have recently discovered The National who happens to be coming to the KY Center in September. My favorite song so far is All Dolled Up in Straps, which is really sexy in a creepy stalker kind of way.

  7. All right, since you finished your UK tour, there is a great American folksy ex-pat named Paul Curreri with a CD out called California. Have you heard it? If not, here's some samples...

  8. I love Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson's duet album "Rattlin Bones". can't get enough of it!

  9. I love Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson's duet album "Rattlin Bones"! can't get enough of it!

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  11. Can't go wrong with most of Ani Difranco's c.d's. Dilate, Little Plastic Castles, Puddle Dive. All are classics. My husband also turned me on to Airborne Toxic Events album. Lovely violins, gorgeous lyrics, and the band is just amazing live. We saw them play with the Louisville Symphony last year. It was mesmerizing.