Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thoughts on the new EarX-tacy

It's been almost a week since earX-tacy re-opened in its new location, and everyone I've talked to about it approves whole-heartedly of the new store. Personally, I love it because it's a leisurely walk from my house, as opposed to the old store that was just far enough to break a sweat. I'm a prissy girl who doesn't like to break a sweat, so the Douglass Loop location suits me just fine.

I've only been in once since last Friday, when the walls were still bare, and John Timmons's office was a fishbowl open to all the customers. My dad and I tapped on the glass during our visit, but John was busy in his plastic castle, on the phone and generally working hard. By now the fishbowl is probably covered in old show posters, Mr. Timmons's business antics kept private, and earX-tacy is likely looking more and more like the fun, unique, quirky record store that we remember. Most folks I've talked to seem to love the new location, which is surprising for a city that doesn't always respond well to change.

For those of you who haven't been in yet, consider stopping by this weekend. Before you go, however, visit and print out the 25%-off-any-one-item coupon posted on their homepage.

Now let's discuss the Douglass Loop, which is just about the most perfect little neighborhood commercial block in Louisville. I mean, it's got just about everything you need in a city, making it like it's very own little village. Heine Brothers, Graeters, Horton's, Naturally Hortons, Dundee Tavern, Breadworks, Dundee Candy Shop, Cafe LouLou, Fat Jimmy's, the Blossom Shop, a few nice little antique shops, Kinko's (gotta make those show fliers!), and I even secretly like Tuesday Morning, though I kind of miss the Italian Oven...

All the Loop needs now is a good wine store and for Lynn's Paradise Cafe to take over Twig and Leaf. That's always been my secret dream for the Twig, since those tater tots started to disappoint me once I was out of high school.

Anyway, earX-tacy makes a lovely addition to an already nice part of town. It's one-stop shopping for things I like. Except for that wine store ... can someone get on that please?

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