Thursday, July 1, 2010

July is for Music.

Happy Canada Day! And happy July! I love July, mostly because it's my birthday month, but also because everyone seems to always be in a good mood. People are always coming and going on vacations, tomatoes start to ripen (and we all know how a solid tomato sandwich can cheer folks up), flowers are in bloom everywhere, and the days are long,, beautiful, and sunny. It's a good month.

I've got a fun show coming up this month too, for those of you that haven't heard. I'm playing at the HullabaLOU Festival at Churchill Downs on Saturday July 24th. This is exciting for many reasons. The lineup is HUGE, so even if you hate mainstream country, there's Al Green and Ben Folds to rock your world. Then of course there's Dave Matthews and Bon Jovi. And if you're more into old-timey or bluegrass, there's Loretta Lynn, Sam Bush, and the Avett Brothers. I don't like that the Louisville Haters Society (there IS one of these, I swear) has come out bashing the lineup. If you can't find at least two bands you like on the bill, then I think you must just be too emo.

Anyway, the stage I'm playing on includes Ben Folds and Joan Osborne and Government Mule. I'm hoping that Ben Folds might let me play his piano. I truly hate hauling my keyboard. You'd think that playing a big festival like this, I'd be to the point in my career where someone else would be hauling my equipment ... woe is me:)

Next weekend brings another great music festival to Louisville: Forecastle. Good ol' JK McKnight has done a hell of a job working his tiny festival in Tyler Park -- I was at the first one years ago -- and turning it into one of the best festivals in the nation, probably in the world. Loads of great bands there, including Spoon and the Smashing Pumpkins and Cake and The Drive-By Truckers. I'm not cool enough to have heard of all of the Forecastle bands, but there are a slew of terrific Louisville musicians playing.

Anyway ... I babble.

Part of what I intended to say is that part of the promotional package for HullabaLOU includes 2 fancy-seat tickets for Saturday, July 24th. Stay tuned to this blog in the coming weeks to find details on how to win them.

I'm off to enjoy July!

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  1. very beautiful vocal:)I like it very much! By the way, the accordion made it abso-freaking-lutely sexy,lol!Keep going!