Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doomsday thoughts and new adventures.

Every so often one of those big news stories hits that makes you wonder why you were fretting like mad over a misplaced cell phone or a even a business deal. Clearly, some things are much more important than others. In general, I think we all understand that most of what we do doesn't really matter. I'm not talking about a metaphysical we-are-just-a-blink-of-any-eye level, but on the level taught to us in fairy tales, songs, movies, and poetry: that it's family, friends, and love, that are truly important. For some reason, however, most of us (including me) continue to spend our days worrying about all the rest.

During the World Cup game on Sunday, my friend Danny asked me something about the game (I think it was about that Spanish dude's hair), but I hadn't been paying attention. My thoughts had been focused on the giant methane bubble that might explode and kill us all. Random, right? And certainly not worth thinking about because there's absolutely nothing I can do about it if it has indeed burst. But there I was, so annoyed that that the referee was clearly rooting for Spain, that I zoned out and tried to figure out what was going on in Washington, D.C. at that moment. Had the world leaders been called to a secret room? Was President Obama going to have to get on TV to give one of those only-in-the-movies addresses to the nation? Or had he already been replaced by a lookalike (think the movie Dave and was hiding safely in the bunkers with a bunch of Nobel winners? And, more importantly, had they already called in Will Smith to action?

Anyway, it's been bugging me, this whole end of days thing, but at the same time, I'm pretty happy with all that I've done. I've definitely got more plans, but it's not like I've been sitting around on my ass playing World of Warcraft all my life.

It was also nice to wake up this morning and read that the whole giant methane bubble extinction news story has supposedly been debunked, at least that's what they're telling us, hee hee...

Still, it reminded me about a series of blogs I did two years ago on my birthday.** Each day of my birthday week, I did something I'd never done before and blogged about it. I think it might be time for a repeat of that series ... so look for it next week ... maybe.

** The original blogs are up on my MySpace page, but I've imported them to the Blogger account. The comments aren't up yet ... apparently there are too many of them to copy and paste -- too many characters. Where are all my loyal MySpace readers these days, by the way?


  1. Brigid, I love your idea of doing something each of your birthday week. Can I borrow your idea? Now to think of things that I have wanted to do, but just haven't yet.

  2. ah, myspace. i can't wait for that thing to come along to turn facebook into what myspace is now.
    Adam Butler

  3. Enjoy your birthday and don't worry about the methane bubble.
    It's only a hypotheses.
    This guy is fact-checking it.

    The Doomsday scenario on the Gulf is more like this.

    And, THAT is scary enough.
    But, forget all that and have a nice time planning your birthday week....