Monday, July 5, 2010

Are seeds really that bad?

My favorite food is watermelon. I don't like eating watermelon slices, but if you chopped up watermelon cubes or balls and dumped them in a giant bowl, I could eat a whole melon in one afternoon, seeds and all. Which brings me to today's blog: why is it so hard to find a watermelon with seeds these days?

I don't get it. Seeds in watermelon never bothered me. Usually, I just chew them up and eat them too, but sometimes it's fun to spit them in your yard and see how many plants you get next year from your little spitting contest. For those folks who don't like watermelon seeds, is it really that much of a pain to spit them out or eat around them? Am I really the only one who likes the seeds? To the point that demand for seedless watermelons far outweighs my need for real fruit?

[Interesting digression: I am very pro-seedless grapes, but that's because grape seeds are tiny and stubborn and taste bitter.]

Anyway, I can't wait for the watermelon blossoms in my garden to produce. It's always been the trickiest plant to grow, at least for me, because so much depends on the weather. I'm hoping for a good crop, complete with seeds that I shall spit out into the garden, just to ensure that seeded watermelon don't become extinct.

And speaking of funny things to do to watermelon, here's a photo I took when I went to Japan a few years ago. Over there they grow square watermelons that fit in your refrigerator without wasted space. This one cost 15000 yen, about $150.

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