Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup and Welsh promises.

Wales is always the craziest part of my UK tours. Whether it's a bizarre snow-globe type of village, a dragon crossing, or street signs with 6 F's and 4 L's, it's always an adventure. One night in Wales during my 2008 tour, I swore allegiance to Liverpool's football/soccer team because a batty old Welsh lady threatened my life if I didn't.

I take my vows very seriously, and since I promised her I would always root for Liverpool, I spent the next weeks after my tour researching Liverpool's team. For Christmas that year, my dad even got me a Liverpool t-shirt, and I like to mention that Steven Gerrard is my favorite player whenever it comes up in conversation. I don't have the right TV channels to actually follow Liverpool soccer, but if you ask me who I like best, I won't hesitate.

Anyway, my thoughts on The World Cup this year.

1) I felt bad for Rio when I heard the he hurt his knee, but I was secretly excited for Stevie G. to be the new captain.
2) I love that games can end in a tie. It's sort of like everyone getting an award just for showing up. But I've never liked playing competitive sports, so the idea of a tie is nice.
3) I think all sports commentators should have Scottish accents. It makes these games so much more fun to watch.
4) I understand the geography, but it still blows my mind that South Africa is only one-hour time difference from England.
5) I don't have World Cup Fever yet, but I'm trying. Must find my Liverpool t-shirt.
6) I'm playing a fancy wedding tomorrow in The Hamptons, and I'm wondering how many guests will sneak to the hotel bar to watch the US/England game.
7) Is it wrong to be for England? I mean, I SWORE allegiance to Liverpool. I'm telling you, this Welsh lady was really scary.

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