Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing accordion on a Punk Rock Record.

Yesterday, I found a prize in my mailbox: the new CD from the band Coliseum, called House with a Curse. This was exciting on many levels. I love new music. I love free music. And I love it when someone whose record I played on remembers to give me a copy of the CD. Otherwise I don't usually get to hear how whatever I played turned out.

If you know Coliseum's music, you are probably thinking, "Seriously?? Brigid Kaelin played on their record? That's weird." Well, it's not the most likely combination, but the accordion makes a surprising amount of sense on punk/hardcore music. I swear it does.

Their CD comes out on June 22, and it will also be available on vinyl, for you record collectors. Track one is me on the organ and accordion (the magic of multi-track recording), as well as Peter Searcy on the cello. It's one of those dramatic introductions to a rockin' record -- rockin' in the punk rock sense. I've been in a sensitive sad cowboy music kind of mood lately, so it was really fun to put on a hardcore record and drive around in the truck, all the while telling FWT, "Hear that?? That's the accordion."

Coliseum is playing an all-ages show at Skull Alley in Louisville on Friday at 10:00 sharp (I love it when a band says "sharp" because I actually believe them!) and there is no cover charge. Hear that? It's free. How awesome is that? It's also a combined photo show with photos from Nick Thieneman.

I also love the bizarre Louisville small-world story that led to this. I first heard of Coliseum (I admit to not being the Queen of the Hardcore Punk Scene, so I probably should have heard of them sooner.) when I was in the UK in 2008. Peter pointed out a Coliseum poster hanging in the window of a cool record shop in Manchester, England, and said, "Hey, that's Ryan Patterson's band!" I met Ryan months later through completely different folks, and look at that ... now I'm the silly accordion player on his band's new record.

Other guest musicians on Coliseum's new release: Jason Noble, Will Oldham, Peter Searcy, Jeremy and Nick from Young Widows, Carrie Neumeyer from Second Story Man, and eight year old Oliver Cox. (Also, in a Louisville-bizarro-story, I happen to teach piano lessons to this eight year old Oliver Cox. Gotta love Louisville.)

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