Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Road food is a challenge.

So we all know I'm a vegetarian who doesn't really enjoy eating crappy processed foods. This is difficult while on the road, and it makes me somewhat understand why my Australian friends tote Vegemite around the world. I know that Vegemite is processed, but it's nice to see people with that level of commitment to the foods they eat.

When I go on a short tour, it's a nice excuse to eat out. Usually, Peter and I use the tours as research for our Find-the-Best-French-Toast-in-the-World quest, which is part of the reason I consider elastic pants a packing essential.

This upcoming UK tour, however, is more than a few days long, and I really don't have the money to finance the French Toast quest. This means I'll need to fill up on breakfast and snack when I can the rest of the day. The problem, however, is that the best snack food in the UK is: chips (that's French Fries to you). The last time I was in the UK, the locals in Bury encouraged us to try their favorite snack, the "chip butty," which, I kid you not, is basically a toasted bun slathered in butter, then loaded with french fries and few dollops of catsup and mayonnaise. Okay, so it tasted amazing, but my elastic pants don't stretch that far.

Since I don't have enough room in my luggage, nor do I want to sneak food through customs, I'm trying to plan ahead for proper road snacks, lest I fall down the chip butty hole.

Fellow musicians and travelers, what are your favorite healthy road snacks that don't require refrigeration? And that can be found in quaint little British roadside snack huts?

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  1. I can't help you too much with your question, but back in 1998 when I went to the UK, I was also a vegetarian and subsisted mainly on the candy bars. Once, at a restaurant, I asked for "anything vegetarian" and was presented with a cheese, jelly and chopped raw onion sandwich.