Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Packing superstar.

Normally when I go on a trip, I pack the night before. Sometimes I even wait to pack until the morning of my flight. It always works out. I mean it's not like I'm camping or anything. If I forget my toothbrush, I can go to the store. Occasionally, the forgetting-of-the-toothbrush will coincide with the getting-bumped-to-First-Class. This is extra awesome because a tiny toothbrush comes with your First Class Welcome Kit, along with toothpaste, lotion, and chapstick. But I digress because I'm daydreaming about First Class ...

Either I'm becoming more responsible, or I'm really excited about this trip. I've actually already started packing, and I don't leave until Monday. The goal is to pack as light as possible, which is difficult when packing for three rather different climates. The south of England is like a nice spring day. The islands of Scotland are like a warmer-than-usual winter day. And then there's New York City in June which is, well, hot. And there's trying to fit that all into a bag small enough to carry on-board a RyanAir flight.

Packing for the Bahamas was way easier. It involved: sundress, sunscreen, sunhat, swimsuit.

I'm pretty good at packing though, like I think I could do it for my talent in the Miss American pageant. That's right, I'm that good (except for the toothbrush thing).

Still, I'm curious if anyone has any brilliant packing secrets ... or horror stories?

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  1. This doesn't work when you've gotta be mobile. But if yr staying in one spot for a week, pretty amazing actually.