Friday, May 28, 2010

Indie Record stores and Baked Potatoes.

Greetings from Glasgow. I'm looking forward to tonight's show. It seems like everyone I know has a friend in Glasgow, so I should be meeting lots of friends-of-friends tonight. Last year's show at The Liquid Ship here was a riotous good time. It's also where I learned that Scotch is delicious. I'm looking forward to reinforcing that belief. I haven't had a drink since we left Islay, mostly because it dries my throat out -- a tricky combination when you have long performances daily. But tonight, I think, I'll have a dram with some friends.

Tomorrow we're headed to Edinburgh where I will get to satiate my craving for The Baked Potato Shoppe on Cockburn Street. I will tweet a play-by-play, so come follow me if you are really excited about vegan haggis.

Something else I'm looking forward to is playing an in-store at a fantastic record shoppe in Edinburgh tomorrow at 2:30. The store is called Elvis Shakespeare, which I think is a great name. (By the way, roll your "r" in the word "great" to get a touch of the brogue ... it'll make you giggle. "Grrrrrrreat.") You all know how much I love independent record stores, so I'm especially looking forward to playing there Saturday.

Speaking of record stores, I saw the news that EarX-tacy is moving to the Douglass Loop. That really excites me, both because I'm glad they are able to stay in business and more selfishly because it's really close to my house. Also, now the Douglas Loop has more shoppes than the entire town of Inveraray, Scotland, where I awoke this morning. Now all the Loop needs is a liquor store. Wine Market Deux, please?

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