Monday, May 31, 2010

Greate people AND great places.

I took the weekend off from blogging, as usual, but it seems like now I have so much to catch up on. Rather than give you the play-by-play, I just want to talk about one thing: people. This has been a fantastic tour, and it's all because of the people I've met along the way.

Every town I've visited has become my new favorite place, every person my new best friend, and every dram my new favorite drink. I think it's some ├╝ber-combination of enjoying both where you are AND who you're with. I've certainly enjoyed the luxury of both.

The best thing I've done here is to stay with the locals, rather than getting hotel rooms for every gig. Of course, that began as a business decision, seeing no other way to make any money on the tour, but I don't think I'd change a thing even if I got a £500 a gig. The breakfasts around a table, multiple home-cooked meals, the backyard vegetable gardens, the musical instruments strewn about apartments and homes, the suggestions you can't find in a guidebook, the residential neighborhoods you'd never otherwise see, the laughter, and the late-night stories, have all made me smile as much as the wonderful audiences in my shows.

Many of the folks I've stayed with I've never met before, and they feel like good friends now. There's a certain beauty in people who offer their homes and couches (and I suppose the people who are willing to accept such an offer). The folks who take that kind of risk are a special breed -- the ones with an eye for adventure. That's all I've got now ...

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