Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bring back Intermission.

I love the movie Gone With the Wind, but I think my favorite part is the Intermission. What ever happened to intermissions at the movies? You know, right after Scarlett clenches her fists by the tree on a hill and declares that she'll never be hungry again, the music swells, the lights come up, and the Entre'Act music is played. It's like the 7th inning stretch, except it's easier to go get popcorn, and the popcorn is much tastier.

Nowadays there are sooooo many epic films coming out, and I think consumers and movie theaters would both do well with Intermissions. I know I'm not the only person who doesn't like to sit still, and honestly, I rarely ever go to a movie that's over 2 hours, unless it's Harry Potter. I'd be more likely to go see a long film if I could be promised a bathroom break and a chance to refill my extra-large popcorn (who actually does that??) and grab some Sno-Caps.

I saw Avatar this weekend, which I actually liked, but if the director insisted on making it almost three hours, I seriously think there should have been an intermission. There was a natural place for it, and I tried to use New Age visualization techniques to yield a Gone-With-the-Wind-type Intermission, complete with James Horner pennywhistle tunes. But, no, I sat there, did chair yoga the last half an hour and formed the idea for this blog in my head.

Henceforth, all other long movies shall be streamed on Netflix instant, when I've got plenty of chances to pause, make popcorn, stretch, change clothes, and play my own pennywhistle music. As God as my witness, I shall never be hungry again during the movies.

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