Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Social hibernation leads to wrinkly fingers.

Last year it seemed like I had a new, crazy story every day for this blog. Now, well, it occurs to me that maybe you have to go have a crazy active social life in order to collect stories. I haven't gone out much at all in the past several months. It's been cold, and as I learned last year, those cocktails add up. It doesn't take too many credit card statements before you start screaming, "I spent HOW much at the Monkey Wrench last month???" And then comes the spending moratorium.

I have learned a few things from my social hibernation, however. The main one, however, is that I desperately want a dishwasher.

I lived my entire life without a dishwasher. (Well, that's excepting the 2-3 years I was a live-in nanny in New York, and the family I lived with had one. But like any self-respecting New Yorker, I never cooked, so the fancy Bosch dishwasher was mostly for show.) My parents STILL don't have one, and my house doesn't either. It's never bothered me before. I mean, I don't mind doing the dishes. It's not like I ever had very many of them.

Well, now, I can't STAND it. I can count on one hand the number of times I've eaten out this year -- a travesty, I know -- and that means several dishes for every meal. I've baked my own bread, crackers, and tortillas all year long, and I've even been regularly using the food processor. Did you know that the food processor ALONE fills up the kitchen sink????

I've had it. Forget saving up for a new record, I'm saving for a dishwasher.

I'm sorry, blog readers. Can you believe that my crazy story for the day is a diatribe about wanting a household product? I promise 2010 will be more exciting than this ... next month, I'll come to you live from Atlanta, Birmingham, and the Derby Festival ... and in May, I'll be blogging live from Europe ... and in June, more adventures await. Is it wrong that what I'm looking forward to most about my upcoming tours is eating in restaurants? And not doing dishes?

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  1. My dishwasher is my prized position. I can't imagine how I would enjoy life without it. I think you should definitely get one--it makes cooking at home much more pleasant.