Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music update... Bob Schneider story, tour planning, etc.

Some of you have asked what I've been up to musically. Mostly, it's been music business, which has consisted of booking my spring UK tour and making sure the media over there knows I'm coming. There's not much point in playing anywhere if no one knows you're there.

Last week I had a fun surprise message from Bob Schneider, asking me to sit in with him at his Jim Porter's show. I was pulling double duty at the Monkey Wrench that night (the show with Paul K and Adventure), so I only played accordion/saw on about three songs before dashing over to my solo show. But still, I got to catch some of Bob's set afterwards, which is always fun. I like to be reminded that there are still musicians out there who remember that they are there to give the audience a good show, good entertainment, and a good time.

He and I met last year, after one of his SXSW shows in Austin, when a radio friend of mine was too shy to ask Bob for an interview. It is a well-known fact that I like talking to strangers, so I said, "Hi," to Bob and introduced him to my radio friend. They had a nice little chat/interview, after which Bob invited me to play with him at Threadgill's later that evening. And so, a year later when he played in Louisville, I ended up on-stage with him again. It's fun to be a sideman.

Hmmmm ... what else is going on musically? I'm working on re-learning a bunch of Chopin nocturnes on the piano, but now that it's spring, I think I might switch to Bach. Chopin is for when the days are short and the nights are depressing. Bach feels more like spring.

I've been writing a bit, which is nice, but also annoys me because I still have no solid plan for a new record. Every time I finish a new song, I just wonder when the rest of you will ever hear it.

Also -- if any of you would like to purchase a CD, please email me or purchase it directly from my website. EarX-tacy is out-of-stock, and they may be out for some time ...

I think that's about it for business today.

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