Monday, March 8, 2010

Holidays and block parties.

There's this street in Louisville, Hillcrest Ave, where everyone is obsessed with Halloween decorations. I mean, they go nuts, and build haunted houses and haunted yards and giant spiders with giant spider webs. They construct entire graveyards and animatronic ghosts. It happens to be a busy street anyway, so if you forget it's Halloween season and turn down Hillcrest, you're stuck in traffic while all the other cars cruise slowly down the street, gaping at the yard decorations.

Anyway, it's kind of ridiculous, but fun. I used to wonder why other blocks haven't risen to the challenge and created their own haunted streests. But there's no point in challenging the Hillcrest residents to a contest. I've heard they even sell their Halloween decorations along with the houses, mostly, I imagine, because no one wants to move all that crap.

So rather than a competition, I was thinking that other blocks in Louisville should take on other holidays. Like maybe my street can get REALLY into St. Patrick's Day. We can get animatronic leprechauns and huge statues of St. Patrick and Irish flags and harps everywhere and blast U2 or deedly-dee-tunes from our homes.

Maybe another street can just make Valentine's Day belong to them, and own it. Or Bastille Day. Or Texas Independence Day (which I forgot to celebrate last week, sorry!). Or Secretary's Day or Veteran's Day or President's Day. Ooooh, I would LOVE to be assigned President's Day. Imagine it ... replicas of Lincoln's bible and life-size statues of James K. Polk, who is clearly the hottest President of yore.

I think I'll write my Metro Council Representative and see what kind of funding there is for giant shamrocks or Gettysburg reenactments.

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