Monday, March 29, 2010

Does anyone use phone books anymore?

There is a phone book sitting on my porch. It's bee there for several days now. I don't want it in my house because, although I do not yet have the hovercar or the jetpack, I do have Google (and an old Yellow Pages should the power go out). The only time I've seen anyone using the Yellow Pages lately is at the Unemployment Office , while folks looked up phone numbers to put on their six-week reviews.

I'm sorry, but the Yellow Pages is going the way of record stores and flip phones, and I don't understand why I keep getting them. I haven't had a landline in 10 years, so I don't even feel like I'm entitled to a YP. Is there some way to opt out? Like a Do-Not-Deliver number? Or at least a way to re-use it rather than recycling it? It seems like throwing something immediately in the recycling bin without using it, is just as wasteful as throwing it away.

Any ideas?

In other news ... I'm bit-by-bit importing my older blogs (the ones from the days of MySpace) to the page, for those of you who have asked for the full archive.

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