Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week-in-Review (2-2-9)

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When I played an über-fun show with The Muckrakers this weekend, I talked to Rob about the blog-a-day thing. It's been much more difficult than I anticipated. He tells me I'll get into a groove. Mostly I worry that I won't have anything interesting to write about. Rob's got babies and baseball, so he can always write about something funny that his kids did or some sort of baseball topic. (Sorry, Rob, I don't know much about baseball. Although my first words were: Go, Cubs, Go! Hmmm ... maybe I missed my calling.) Anyway, I'm going to start getting up early and making a routine of it, I think.

I'm borrowing Rob's Weekly Review as a way to streamline and respond to my faithful readers. I always enjoyed reading Rob's reviews, and I need a better way to keep track of my inbox.

So ... thanks much for reading, and here are some thoughts in response to your thoughts. I really really appreciate all the amazing messages of concern and well-wishes for everyone in Kentucky without heat/electricity. My power is still out. I'm fine though.

Megan: Take your vitamins. This blogging has been harder than expected, so my daily motivation is to keep you healthy. Seriously. I don't want you to miss a vitamin, so I must blog!

Chris: It's not ADD; it's my magical powers of tele-porting that allows me to flit and fleet around a room.

Karen: I love that story about name-dropping ex-beau's in SNL skits. I wonder if any of them ever picked up on that.

Ollie: Ha, yes "Over the Rainbow" seems to be a popular saw song. I'm going to work up "Kashmir" tonight. Excellent idea.

Christi: When your mom requested me on Facebook, I could not remember why her name was so familiar. Then I realized that I saw "Bonnie Bakely" repeatedly back when I produced A&E Biography shows. I did the Robert Blake one and had to do far too much research on that woman ... ultimately, that show is what made me completely fed up with producing cable programs.

Pepper Shaker: "You're expressive & creative and all great hookers are." That had me rolling.

Bard in Blue: I'll never tell what the "Something Bad" was. You know, just like Carly Simon won't talk about the inspiration for "You're So Vain." It'll be my little secret.

Tom: Good idea. I haven't been to Nashville since the Americana Conference in September. Absurd! My Nashville roommate and puppy have been on me about that too. I really am long overdue for a trip.

Fciron (L): Guinness, alas, moved in with his grandparents over the summer, when I was on tour all the time. I sure do miss that big drooling mountain of a dog. He gets to sleep in a king size bed with his best friend, George, though, so i think he's doing fine.

Marty: Weren't those creaky limb noises bizarre? It seemed so apocalyptic and weird outside, but it was insane when the ice started falling from the trees.

Tim: I DO need to get back to Indianapolis. Soon. Let's put something together somewhere...

Rob: I love a good saw joke ... keep 'em coming. That's cool that you're having bands play there.

Dana: Being stranded with two of my favorite musicians was pretty great. After the singalong, I kept thinking how cool it was, and how the three of us never play out together. A bit of a shame... we had a good time though.

Liz: I missed the X-rated ROUS impersonation ... you'll have to fill me in.

Bard: You're right. My friends are awesome, and I'm a lucky lucky girl.

Erin: Thanks again for hosting us. That marinara was amazing, and I'm still smiling thinking about the impromptu dinner party. What a fun fun night. It was just one great evening after another last week.

You know, maybe you should all use this daily blog as a reminder to take your vitamins. I think I will. Vitamin and a big glass of water.

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