Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cultural holidays = Accordion gigs.

Back before I played original music for a living, I worked hard playing the rounds in Louisville bars, restaurants, parties, etc., at least five nights a week. Sometimes I played solo jazz piano -- no singing -- for five hours at a fancy-schmancy restaurant in Old Louisville while rich white people dined on over-priced meals. I sang for five hours straight every Sunday night at Air Devils Inn. I played accordion and sang at a restaurant in Indiana on Wednesday nights.

Most of the time, I got paid crap, but the awesome thing about playing accordion is that it incorporates SO many cultural holidays. So every other month there was a niche market that was hosting a private party. There were always a few Irish Ceili gigs around St. Patrick's Day, then French Cafe-type stuff for July 14, then Oktoberfest, of course, and various other events. The first accordion-themed holiday of the year, however, is Mardi Gras.

It's that time a year. The time when organizations have Mardi Gras events and need a band and immediately think, "That Bridget girl ... doesn't she play accordion? Accordion is Mardi Gras-ish!" Well, I do play accordion, and I have been known to play zydeco tunes in the past when hired to do so.

I'm fairly certain that my association with the accordion is why the Kentucky Center for the Arts thought of me to play the pre-party for the Brown-Forman Midnite Rambler Presents: Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience show Friday night. But it's nice that I am known nowadays for playing my own music, and I don't have to learn an hour of Cajun French to make the evening whole. I'm playing for a hour in the East Room at the Kentucky Center, just before the main event starts. So if you have tickets for the amazing Terrance Simien, you should come early (I start at 7:00) and hang out with me. If you don't have tickets, you should either buy some, or come down to the Kentucky Center anyway around 7 and get an hour of free entertainment.

I'll have Peter Searcy on bass and Scott Lankford on drums. We're playing from 7:00-7:55, or whenever they start flashing the lights telling people to go to their seats.

I'm looking forward to the gig because I like playing in different venues. Also, I've got cabin fever. You probably do too, so consider coming down to listen to some music. Besides, I might throw in some French Cafe music or a good ol' polka. Oh wait -- wrong holiday.

Kentucky Center for the Arts
501 West Main Street
East Room
Brigid Kaelin Band 7:00-7:55
Terrance Simien Show follows (Tickets required for the Simien show, but not for mine)

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