Monday, February 8, 2010

Best Throat Spray Ever and a Wacky Bahamas Story.

After I got home from the Bahamas two weeks ago, I dropped in to visit an old friend I rarely see anymore. She asked about the trip, and I told her a story I will share with you today. As I got to the crazy serendipitous part, she rolled her eyes and said, "Of course, Brigid, that stuff ALWAYS happens to you." To her, I've always been her Crazy Friend Brigid, a moniker that, admittedly, used to bother me. But I'm older and wiser now, and so I will simply smile with the knowledge that wacky and wonderful things do indeed happen to me ... and share that story with you now.

I won't bore you with details, but let's just say that the day of the show in Freeport, my voice was not its usual self. My range had dropped significantly, and I was having to lower the keys of my own songs, struggling just to make it through the night. I absolutely despise when performers make excuses for themselves from stage, however, even if it's a legitimate illness. I prefer to just smile, and put on my game face, and give the folks a show.

So I'm up there singing, surprising myself at how easy and fast I can yodel when I've got a sore throat, and struggling through it with a smile. It worked out okay. The only people who noticed my throat injury were the few who tried to talk to me before the gig, as I'd mentioned my voice problem to them and that I wasn't speaking until after the show.

Then this woman comes up to me and requests a song. I'd noticed her throughout the gig, as she was listening intently and looked like she was having a blast. She also was just the type of woman who demands the room's attention, as if she might have been Queen of the Island. I speak softly and directly into her ear because you wouldn't believe how much effort it takes to speak loudly over crowd noise. Then she looks at me and says, "Your throat's hurting you isn't it?"

I nod and explain to her that I'd been drinking water all day, lozenges, etc, but my voice still wasn't cooperating.

That's when she introduces herself as Karen Clarke, the President/Owner of Thayers (est. 1847, but she's not that old). What's Thayers, you may ask? Only my absolute favorite brand of herbal throat sprays. It's one of the few products out there that doesn't contain alcohol or a numbing ingredient, both of which can actually hurt your voice and convince you to sing over the pain. It also tastes sweet and yummy, and because its herbal, you can spray it all day long to moisturize your vocal cords. I had one bottle left in my cabinet at home, but hadn't brought it with me to the gig.

Karen took my hand, told me about some other products they had, and promised to send me a box of Thayers goodies that were awaiting me upon my arrival home.

How freakin' crazy is it that the random night I'm playing in Freeport, Grand Bahama, I've lost my voice, and the OWNER of the best throat spray company in the world just so happens to be AT MY GIG and comes to talk to me???? (That's the point in the story where you roll your eyes and say, "Of course, Brigid, that stuff ALWAYS happens to you.")

So there's the full disclosure -- Thayers sent me a box of their goodies. But I've got to tell you, I was a user of the Dry Mouth Spray before, and I'm remaining loyal. The Slippery Elm Lozenges, however, were new to me. You suck on two of them about 20 minutes before showtime, and I must admit, they got me through a gig in January that I was extremely worried about.

Anyway: singers in Louisville, they sell the Dry Mouth Spray at Rainbow Blossom, Amazing Grace, and Whole Foods, or you can order them from Honestly, though, Thayers is such a good company that they actually prefer you to patronize your local stores. Just please let me know if you take the last bottle.... last I checked, the Rainbow Blossom by my house only had one left. Actually, if anyone out there works at Rainbow Blossom or Amazing Grace, maybe you could just order a case of that spray for me? :) Love, your Crazy Friend Brigid


  1. That's a likely thory

  2. Confused ... are you being facetious? Or are you actually questioning my truth-telling abilities? Not sure whether to laugh or be insulted...

  3. hi Brigid, I know Karen and she is truly an amazing woman, Glad it all worked out for you, As my mother always says... God has a plan!

  4. awesome! i want some Thayers tooooo

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