Thursday, January 7, 2010

A plaything! Yes, maybe it is a plaything.

When I was a kid, I did a lot of acting-type stuff. I'm really not a good actress though. It turns out I'm only good at playing myself. I'm okay at improv, as long as it is me, on-stage, with my band, being Brigid. My lack of acting skills, however, means that I rarely spend time with the theatre.

Until the theatre needs music, that is, specifically music recorded on a bizarro instrument.

Yesterday, I went down to Louisville's internationally regarded Actor's Theatre of Louisville and recorded a nice bit o' Russian folk accordion music for scene changes in Crime and Punishment. Danny came with me to check out the backstage cool stuff that goes on at ATL. He's a sound editor and field recorder who travels the world recording natural sounds (nat sound if you're in the biz) and then putting together sound effects CDs for use in films, websites, etc. My favorite CD of his is called Bird Songs of Mexico, which features 97 tracks of various birds singing, such as the Black-necked Stilt and the Magnificent Frigratebird. He's also one of those people who can pick up random instruments and magically know how to play them. SO while I was recording a Russian folk tune with a fiddle player, Danny found a make-shift Balalaika and joined in on the music-making.

We're going to the show tonight -- snow be damned! -- to hear our awesome background music. But for the record, I was planning on seeing the show before my professional involvement. I like Crime and Punishment , (the novel not the nouns), and I like Actor's Theatre. And as a surprise bonus, it turns out my friend Jessi from elementary, middle, AND high school, is in the play. She is a working actress in New York, so it's always extra cool with a hometown girl is in a show like this.

If you're not afraid of the snow, you should come down and see it tonight. It's opening night. Cool!

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