Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Celebrity Jeopardy Dreams.

Lots of you have asked what I did over the holidays. I played a lot of Trivial Pursuit. I don't really love that game (sitting still for anything but a book or a song is difficult for me), but I'm pretty good at it. I have an excellent memory for totally useless stuff, something that won't help me at all in the Zombie War. I don't remember your name or that I owe you a phone call, but I remember your birthday and the date that Joseph Stalin died (March 5, 1953). This morning at Joseph's, I remembered that it was my hairdresser's anniversary. I also remember a lot of stuff I learned in high school. They always told me that if I crammed for a test, I'd forget everything. Apparently, that is a lie designed to get you to waste time.

Anyway, I remain undefeated, despite having several mighty foes. Good game, friends.

At one point, Beth declared that I should be on Jeopardy! I immediately dismissed the idea. I tried out for the show when I was 14, and I didn't make it. That deterred me for life. What makes me think I'd make it now? Those people study all the time and memorize lists of Attorney Generals. That is not in my schedule.

Besides, a few nights ago, I watched a round of Jeopardy! and not one of the categories was good for me. Since I don't want to blog all I'm-so-awesome-at-Trivial-Pursuit, then somehow get on real Jeopardy! and fail miserably, -- I just couldn't deal with the in-your-face-you-sucked-at-Jeopardy! comments that would surely follow -- I have decided on a new route for my stint on Jeopardy: I must become famous enough to get on Celebrity Jeopardy!

I think I could kick some serious butt on Celebrity Jeopardy. I know, I know, we ALL can kick butt on Celebrity Jeopardy (cue Sean Connery), but it's my way in. I think it starts in a few weeks, which means they've probably already taped it. I guess I've got a year to study back-issues of People and USWeekly.

Who are your dream contestants on Celebrity Jeopardy? I want to see Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office, whose tweets are hilarious if your'e not yet one of his 2 million followers) on it. Or maybe the entire cast of The Office, but playing their characters. Hmmmmm ... so many things to ponder.

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  1. I'd LOVE to see the cast of the Office playing their characters, that's brilliant. And your right, if you were on Jeopardy and lost, that Wierd Al Yankovic song would haunt you forever. :)