Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blood and Junk calls and Being Positive.

I haven't had a home phone line since the 1990's. Wait, I think I had one briefly in 2004-5, but that was for dial-up internet only. Anyway, I've enjoyed basically a decade of spam-free-phone. But recently, I've received loads of calls from 800-numbers. I don't answer those calls. I don't want what you're selling, or I would have ordered it 1-click from my phone.

It's nice to be able to Google the phone numbers of junk calls you miss. They never leave messages. I think I'd be more likely to call them back if they actually left a voicemail. Mostly, it's been from my bank. They are just trying to get me to get a new credit card, and I don't want one. Another call has been from my Home Warranty Company, trying to get me to renew my expiring coverage. I don't want to do that either. Last week, I was fed up with them calling 4-5 times a day, and I looked down, saw the bank's 800 number and answered it angrily.


"Hello, Miss Kaelin?"

"Yes, why do you call me all the time and never leave a message? That is so frustrating. Is this the bank again?"

"Um, no, this is the American Red Cross, and we are very low on your blood type in your area."

It turns out that the 800 numbers of the Red Cross calling center and my bank are very similar. I apologized to the nice lady -- although, admittedly, asking for my blood is a bit more personal than a credit card -- and immediately started dreaming of Nutter Butters and Oatmeal Cream Pies, things that go hand-in-hand with blood donation.

Anyway, that actually put me in a pretty good mood because I'd been meaning to give blood for a while now. I must admit that I felt extra-special to be told that they really needed my "rare blood type." I'm so recessive!

Today, I'm going to live by the wisdome of my blood-type: Be positive!!

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