Friday, January 15, 2010

Baked Potatoes in Scotland, please.

I have been trying to plan another UK tour, which for one reason or another, has been extraordinarily difficult this time 'round. It's mostly because I've been stupid-busy with boring grown-up crap, and I can't just seem to sit down and get it together. But the one thing that keeps me going is the thought of the Baked Potato Shop in Edinburgh. There is no real website that I've been able to find, which saddens me because I desperately want to email the proprietor. I need to know a few recipes, or at least an ingredient list in several of the toppings.

It's this fantastic little shop with maybe 3 tables -- it's mostly take-out -- that serves only baked potatoes. The beauty lies in the topping choices. They seem endless and, as far as I can remember, are entirely vegetarian. I've eaten here at least three times during each trip I've made to Edinburgh (3 so far), and it's here that I discovered the beauty of corn kernels and cottage cheese on a salty, buttered tatty. You've got to be adventurous when you're in a foreign country.

Here's an idea for you entrepreneurs with more capital than I: please, please open a Baked Potato Shop here. Maybe you can even team up with one of those Shaved-Ice joints. They can be Shaved-Ice in the summer and Baked Potato Shops in the winter. But please, if you open it, find out the recipe for the curried corn and the vegan haggis.

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