Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bahamas Tour Update.

Some of you wondered what the gig down here is going to be like. I guess I haven't really blogged about that, have I? Mostly it's been [an attempt at] relaxing beach time, with a few piƱa coladas, and lots of lying around. I'm not really the best at lying around, and there's been all this tour crap and show bookings going awry. So I'm going to try to chill a bit before the show tonight. Tyra and I are going to pack a little lunch and head out to the turquoise waters. I'm not sure if it'll be warm enough to actually go IN the turqouise waters, but I'm bringing the snorkel again just in case..... and now on to music talk.

The show at Shenanigan's was originally just going to be me playing solo, like the last time, but a few weeks ago a local chef asked if he could play a few tunes as well. Y'all know that, musically at least, I play well with others, so I was all for it. He's actually playing an entire set, and we'll probably just have fun playing tunes after we've played our main sets.
When I first heard a local chef would be joining the bill, I secretly hoped he would be doing improvisational cooking in time to my singing. Like chopping mushrooms to the groove, or using the blender like a DJ scratching his vinyl.

He's actually a musician, songwriter, guitarist, etc, who has been managing a delicious restaurant here in Freeport for several years, but has recently started his own catering company. But he came over the night we landed -- which unfortunately for me was a night of exhaustion and drama and lots of work crap so my mind wasn't on music -- and played a few of his tunes. I lounged on the couch with my accordion and played along, two of my favorite things to do.

It should be a fun night. Tim is a great guitar player, plays original music (gotta love that), and knows everything about food. Music and food make a fun combination, so I'm looking forward to the show.

In the mean time, here's a nice picture of the canal, from poolside at the house where I'm staying. Yes, it's 80 degrees here and January.

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