Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Nashville Part Two

Nashville Part Two
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I'm tired and ready for bed, but not complaining at all.

I think I love Nashville. Is that allowed?

This morning I got up very early to make myself pretty for the cameras. This involved doing various things to my hair, which were all for naught, because it was raining. But all was well.

I arrived at the Nashville Star office a little after 8, where 18 of the other finalists were arriving one by one for a day of interviews and band rehearsals. It was all very low key, and i spent most of the time trying to remember everyone's names. The rehearsal was unbelievably fast, and, of course, the band played the song perfectly. I sat around for several hours, drinking lots of water, and going to the bathroom even more, until it was time for my interview.

The weirdest part of the interview was being on the other side of the camera. It's been years and years since i interviewed anyone, but it was still strange to have the lights and microphone turned around on me. But fun.

The Stage on Broadway was packed tonight. Lots of people brought their own crowds -- complete with t-shirts. Two fine young ladies from WKU came down bearing Brigid Kaelin t-shirts, which made me smile tremendously. I played fourth.

Check out the Thursday edition of "The Tennessean," which might have some quotes from me.

There's nothing much I can do, so i just plan on enjoying the rest of my time in Nashville, and checking out the other contestants' performances on Thursday and Friday.

I'm tired, and not feeling very coherent. So to bed ... i'll write more or edit tomorrow.

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